September is "Sapphire" - information here.

The ancients of Persia believed that sapphires were small bits of the foundation of the earth, while the sky reflected its amazing colors. Sapphire gemstone has the ability to encourage faithfulness, friendship, imagination and   peace of mind, by eliminating feelings of anxiety and nervousness as well as negativity and depression.
Sapphires come in a variety of colors:
Dark blue sapphire will allow one to use their full creative potential. 
Light blue sapphire is the inspiration stone.
Green sapphire brings a lucky sense to one’s life for it allows things to run smoothly and rightly.
Lilac sapphire allows your creativity to flow freely however intensely.
Orange sapphire works on a totally different level for it does not allow you to deceive yourself at any level.
Pink sapphire allows one to surrender to another for the good of the all.
White sapphire is a personal stone for it helps you to take care of yourself and to tend to your personal needs.
Yellow sapphire connects you to the total you with all of your inner knowledge.

What sapphire color suits your taste? 
Some people believe that gemstones help shape there lives and decisions How about you?

What is your birthstone?

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