April Birthstone is "Diamond" - information here.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It’s a cliché!

Diamond... the beautiful birthstone for the month of April. This stone holds an immensely powerful energy that many people take for granted. When one taps into the energy of a diamond, they will find that it greatly enhances their inner vision. The Diamond is a crystal of light; its high frequency energy and it is dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant “fire” that looks like the sun. Diamond is a spiritual stone, a symbol of perfection, illumination and is a symbol of wealth, accumulation, and the manifestation of abundance. Diamond is well known as a symbol of a loving relationship. The Diamond gemstone has a hold on a deeper spiritual meaning thanks to their rarity, purity, and brilliance. This precious gemstone is formed over billions of years and composed of pure carbon.  Diamonds are referred to as the “king of gems,” unique both because of its powers of light reflection and dispersion and for being the hardest natural substance on Earth. What are your experiences with Diamonds?

What makes you love your Diamond Gemstone?

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A Complete Guide to Birthstones: History, Styling Tips, and More
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