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Hi. I have a beautiful dark blue sapphire ring with diamonds around it like the. Lady Di ring. My mothers husband bought it for her about 35 years ago before Lady Diana made it so popular. She gave it to me after he passed away because she wanted to see me wear it rather than leaving it to me in her will. It has helped me over some rough spots over the last 25 years that I have worn it. It reminds me that many women have worn sapphires over the centuries and I am so lucky to be one of them. Now Princess. Kate is wearing one as she holds her new royal baby. Someday my son will get married and give it to his wife and on and on.....that's how love lives on and on.

Linda. C.

Lauderdale by the Sea resident (09-01-13)

Good Morning Mr. Silver,

My name is Corlis the daughter of Dolores. I must say that I was quite taken by the history of my birthstone Peridot. I always knew that the gemstone Peridot was special and played a significant role in my life.

Over the years it has been customary that I purchase myself a gift on my birthday and that tradition still goes on today! However, this time Mr. Silver you have made it so clear that my purchase should be a piece of jewelry embracing my beautiful birth gemstone of Peridot . Mr. Silver, I will definitely be in today to make my purchase.

Again, thank you for the knowledge and history of the gemstone Peridot.



I do not have a specific story at this time. Each emerald ring I have had, the stones are small , I have lost a couple so hope to visit your store soon. This is an email that a friend sent to me and am sending you my initial reply to her. Judy F

* * *

I loved this info on the emeralds and what is interesting, I took a couple of small gold pieces to a store across the street from where this jeweler is located. The gentlemen who helped me there, recommended going across the street to see this guy about my mother wedding and engagement rings to value them. What a coincidence to see his emeralds and the history and stories. . I have a couple of rings with small emeralds and another ring that I lost the setting and was going over the jewler that ( per Mark) recommended to see about doing some replacements. How cool, the emeralds and rings are beatiful that were shown below. I had no idea about the history of emeralds. Thanks, Judy

Hello Mark! There is a happy ending to my emerald story.

Ray and I just celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on April 18th. I have always loved emeralds. Loved them for their color, their uniqueness, and the fact that Cleopatra is said to have worn brilliant Egyptian emeralds in her day! It makes me feel like royalty when I wear mine and never have a good day when I forget my ring at home.

When my husband and I starting talking about marriage six years ago, we started on our hunt for the perfect emerald engagement ring. We found the perfect emerald and my creative husband redesigned it into my engagement ring. It must be true about it signifying love for nature as we had our wedding celebration on the beach, where you can find me most Sundays.

I constantly get compliments about the beauty of the color of my emerald and every day that I admire it, I think of my wonderful husband who celebrates his birthday in May. How perfect a match are we with my love for the emerald and finding a gem of a husband who celebrates his birthday on May 14th! Ours is truly an eternal love!


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